“She did not have any family in Canada and had to work and struggle to pay for college”

I have witnessed anti-immigration hate speech at work. My colleagues take part in conservations that is unpleasant to the ears. Referencing the Syrian refugees and migrants from South America, it would be mentioned that these people are meant to clean up after the more ‘civilized’ and do not have rights.

My mother came from Portugal to seek a better life for herself. She did not have any family in Canada and she worked and struggled to pay for college. During her time in college, she had me and struggled since. However, her hardships taught me many fundamental principles in life.

When my aunt’s husband came from Jamaica, he was quick to say this is my home. Freedom and Rights and Peace is of the many reasons people choose to live in Canada. For her husband, arriving in Canada not only added more years to his life, it also gave him a new hope for a new future.

– Devin, 26