“We live in a country with the most resources so why don’t we share?”

Yes (have heard anti-immigration speech). Only because of 9/11, the media and government. The issue should have been terrorists but instead Muslims were targeted and associated with terrorists. People are uneducated and don’t know the difference. Also people are afraid to loose what we already have. People made a big deal over 25,000 refugees but didn’t even know we have 150,000 Vietnamese refugees. They were complaining that soldiers had to give up their barracks for the refugees not considering that is a reason why soldiers sign up.

We live in a country with the most resources so why don’t we share? Nobody considers that what if this happened to them or that the last time we turned down refugees was during the holocaust. These were all things I stated to people and then they didn’t know what to say because they never knew. Proves that Canada has a lot of fear surrounding Muslims.

I’ve explained to people that we need to make “New Canadians” feel welcome, safe and belong in our country because we need to make friends and not enemies. Also the mosques that have been burned down was an act of hate and terrorism. The Bancroft mosque that was burned down was one of my friends mosque. That really hit home. My friend who is Canadian born and heritage of Hungarian, chose Muslim faith because he felt it was the most peaceful of religions. He was 14 at the time and was treated respectfully until 9/11. At 15 when he tried to cross the boarder of the US to go to his family funeral, was strip searched because he had the koran with him. When they finally contacted the parents and released him, they released him without a belt, shirt or shoes.

I volunteer for New Canadian and the Syrian family I help find resources, understand and enjoy Canada appreciates and loves Canadian culture. They family is so grateful to be here after spending 4 years in a Turkey, UN refugee camp. The wife was pregnant in the refugee camp and the baby was born in Canada. They are so grateful for the help and support they receive. They are learning English and working as well.

I was born Canadian so Canada has always been my home. When I turned of age I signed up for the military so perhaps that is when Canada started becoming more important as my home. Even more so when I conducted sovereignty patrolling in Nunavut in order to protect our north. Then more so when I travelled across Canada and visited isolated first nation reserves. Then made statements to protect those coming into Canada.

– Eryn

Syria, Canada