“I have seen this (anti-immigration hate speech) towards the muslim religion”

Yes, I have seen individuals constantly make jokes and then it turns into hate speech. I have seen this towards the muslim religion. Many have said that they are going to bomb the country or to beware of them. But really they are good people and I am friends with muslims and have grown up with those who choose to wear a hijab for religious purposes. I found this shocking to see this in Canada that people have continued to say the same things.

My grandparents came from Italy in the 1950s to Canada in order to have a better future and start a new life. They had many hardships in order to afford coming to Canada and also finding a job while not knowing english. Eventually they took english classes but they were still persecuted by many for being an immigrant and having an accent when attempting to speak english. They had to overcome a culture barrier as well in terms of clothing and cultural barriers. Eventually overtime they were accepted in their community but they had overcome many backlashes in order to get to that point.

My grandparents first felt Canada was their home when they were accepted by the community. After finding a job and learning english it was then easier to be part of the Canadian society.
– Anonymous