Our mission is to counter anti-immigration hate speech in the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Greater Toronto Area community. We aim to do this using a two-fold approach:

  1. Re-humanizing immigrants and their stories.
  2. Re-educate our community members to negate stereotypical beliefs, negative attitudes, and ‘othering’.



We have four major goals throughout carrying out this campaign:

  1. To analyze and deconstruct popular stereotypical phrases surrounding anti-immigration rhetoric.
  2. To share stories that re-humanize the immigrant experience in Canada. Using our anonymous questionnaire, people can discuss their experiences of hate speech and bigotry. This contributes to creating a counter narrative and sharing positive alternatives to anti-immigration propaganda and hate speech. 
  3. To call out the covert racism and anti-immigration hate speech that has been normalized in today’s political climate. We want people to think beyond what they hear.
  4. To raise awareness about right-wing extremism in our community.

Share Stories

Our campaign aims to showcase and empower the immigrant experience. We want to create a counter narrative by changing the conversation around immigrants and refugees.

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