The Chronicles of Tomi Lahren and the Male Gaze

Some may argue that beauty doesn’t make the world go round, but it sure causes some to freeze in their own tracks and forget their morals. Being “beautiful” is not, by itself, wrong, However, the problem is when these “beautiful” people abuse the ogling attention they get from the enamored Incel to promote separatist propaganda .

If you are active on social media, the name Tomi Lahren may ring an irritating bell. This woman is a conservative political activist who has spewed hate for difference in every and any sense of the word. Ranging from her unwavering support for Donald Trump’s immigration ban to coining the term rapeugees” which refers to undocumented inhabitants of America as deranged and criminogenic entities. This term is harmful because of its power to dehumanized immigrants and, thus, the moral responsibility to act with benevolence and compassion becomes an insignificant one. Lahren’s defense for her injurious political activism is that the state should seize of the granting of citizenship to immigrants as they would be “rewarding bad behavior” and should instead  worry about putting law abiding citizens first.


Yep, those words were really typed by “ America’s Conservative Sweetheart”!


My Question is, “Even though Tomi Lahren discharges so much hate, division, and sheer UGLINESS into the world, why does she have such a concrete following?”


I guess my answer may be uncovered at “Face value”.

Unfortunately, in many cases, a pretty face has the power to cause people to overlook the ugliness of a heart. This beauty induced “ hypnosis” is often prevalent amongst males. These “gentleman”, entranced by the Barbie-like blonde hair and bleached teeth, pay no mind to the monstrous words that are ejected from her mouth. Many men may write off criticisms of  Lahren’s hate speech as “The feminists on the Left being envious of her beauty”.

When some of these men actually choose to listen to her seminars of hate, they often say things along the lines of “Man, she’s a racist, but she’s hot”, following the statement up with a shrug, chuckle or both.

Considering this, although many may disagree, I believe that our superficial society’s emphasis on attractiveness can and will lead to the detriment of many.


Think beyond what you hear,