Let’s talk about the right-wing movement and elitism.

The Right-Wing movement, which is spearheaded by the dominant class, heavily occupied by White individuals, is founded on the belief that social hierarchies are a part of societal status quo and all members of society should  abide by them. These hierarchies obviously place White individuals at the top, meanwhile all ethnic groups follow in descending order. These hierarchies and the resulting inequalities faced by the lower class, minorities, are just a natural consequence of this unspoken social rule. When this ideology of entitlement is challenged by the lower class that is supposed to “assume the position”, the waging of war is then justified. For instance, in terms of household earnings, White Americans earn the second highest income trailing the Asian American household, who leads all race groups in average yearly earnings. As this reality does not align with their inflated sense of elitism, racist and nationalist serves as the baseline for most right-wing movements. The most common justification for their nationalist movements is that immigrants will come into America and “Steal all of our jobs”. Immigration is viewed unfavorably among right-wing groups because with diversity comes more competition for inhabiting spaces in capital markets. This subsequently incites the threat of losing their position as the dominant class in any sense of the term. Their entitlement encourages greed and diversity creates an environment where they have to share the goods of the American nation and their glutinous desires prevent them from doing so.


Think beyond what you hear,